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An Exceptional Duo, a Distinctive Sound

As you feel the energy bursting on stage, gripping you in its raw emotion, you know you’re witnessing a phenomenon, the fearless musical intensity of Primal Static — an alternative electro-rock band  whose combination of songs, delivery, and authenticity is amazing music lovers around the world.


Primal Static’s bandmates--mucho insightful songwriter/beat creator/singer/guitarist G.T. sings and plays without reservation and revels in pouring out soulfulness with such vigor and excitement that continues to dazzle audiences all over. Mercurial keyboardist/bassist HouFei brings up the rhythm section with her elastic and passionate bass and keyboard playing with prodigious dexterity. The band embraces the preterhuman dimensions of electronic music - a world of infinite possibilities - with the timeless soul of the blues. The duo rounds out their unique sound with first-rate musicianship.


Not surprisingly, music devotees across the globe are reverberating with accolades. “Their style of music is a mix of hard core Texas blues combined with an electronic undertone,” says well-known music reviewer Speak Into My Good Eye. “It works magnificently.”


“If you were on the hunt for something new, look no further than Primal Static,” shares the Aquarian NYC. “They have a novel method of creating new music with their combination of sounds that makes them stand out from any other band in the music scene today.”


Uniting Cultures, Making Music Definitively Their Own

Both life-long musicians, G.T. and HouFei originate from two very different cultures. With an evocative personality and music to match, G.T.’s songwriting is winning Primal Static fans across the globe.  G.T. ’s fascination for creating sound began by playing a drum set given by a neighbor when he was 5.  His childhood love for rock and blues soon led him to pick up the guitar as his main instrument which allowed him to delve deep into the realm of melody and harmony, from there the modern Orpheus/songwriter was birthed.  Entirely self-taught, G.T. has drawn inspiration from many great musicians and a myriad of music genres: from primal blues to modern electronic; from The Master Musicians of Jajouka to Mahler. “When I met G.T., he was like a furious wildfire that lit up life and music for me as I had never known before,” HouFei remembers. “I called G.T. a couple of days after we met and got his answering machine. A heart-wrenching guitar piece greeted me. Time stood still. I couldn’t even speak when the beep sounded. That was my introduction to G.T., the musician.”


In contrast to G.T.’s American roots, HouFei was born in the mountains of China and began playing piano at the tender age of 4. Her journey to Primal Static started when she turned heads with her piano playing in Shanghai; from this notoriety, she scored a full scholarship to the U.S.  Now having finished her musical studies at the Peabody Conservatory and winning numerous prizes along the way, HouFei professes that she has found her authentic home in Primal Static.   With a profound adoration of the music, she is now using her vast knowledge of the keyboard for the music she is made for. HouFei shares that “the electric energy and freedom in the music we are making complete me.  All the demons that used to roar in my heart when I earned applause playing Bach to Rachmaninoff quieted."


Enjoying the Stage on Tour and Garnering Fans Worldwide

Now hailing from Austin, Texas, Primal Static is releasing their newest EP "The Corrupting of the Revolution."  They will set off and travel the terrain of U.S. again this spring in support of the new release.  Those in their audience “witness how only two band members can elevate the sound of music to electrifying heights,” says The Record, the award-winning news outlet of Buffalo State University. In this light, Primal Static continues to amplify their distinctive, soul-stretching sound to a growing fan base.